“Happy New Year, everybody! There’s a lot I’m grateful for over this past year. Businesses that continued an all-time record streak of job creation; a health care system that covers more than 90 percent of us for the first time; a country where all our marriages are equal under the law for the first time; a world united around a prosperous, low-carbon future for the first time. But mostly, I’m grateful for you, and to be your President – because it’s your hard work, determination, and fundamental decency that led us forward through 2015. Because of you, as long as I’ve had the privilege to serve in this office, I’ve never been more optimistic for a year ahead. So here’s my resolution: to do everything I can, with every day I have left, partnering with as many of you as possible, to keep making the promise of this country a reality for all of us.” —President Obama. Follow him on Facebook at Facebook.com/POTUS.

Weekly Address: Making America Safer for Our Children

In this week’s address, the President reflected on the progress of the past year, and looked forward to working on unfinished business in the coming year, particularly when it comes to the epidemic of gun violence.

Happy New Year!