State of the Climate

At 2pm ET, we’re co-hosting a conversation with The Weather Channel on the impacts of climate change and President Obama’s plan to address it.

Use the hashtag #ActOnClimate to ask questions and join the conversation:

We The Geeks: Extreme Science

Want to know what it’s like to work atop volcanoes or on the ocean floor? Join today’s #WeTheGeeks Hangout at 4pm ET → #ExtremeScience #EarthDay

America’s PrepareAthon!

On Monday, April 7th at 1pm ET, join us to discuss America’s #PrepareAthon!, a campaign to help Americans prepare for disasters could happen in their communities. Tune in to hear from the head of FEMA, an award-winning meteorologist, and leaders from across the nation who share a passion for getting prepared:

Participants include:  
Craig Fugate, the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency
Paulette Aniskoff, Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement
Mike Bettes, The Weather Channel’s award-winning meteorologist and Cameron Clayton, President of the Digital Division for The Weather Channel
Nancy LeaMond, Executive Vice President for AARP’s State and National Group and Jesse Salinas, Director of Alabama’s AARP
Divya Saini, Block Preparedness Coordinator and founder of “Movers and Shakers”
Chief Roy Acree, City of Smyrna, GA Fire Chief
Boyce Wilson, Emergency Preparedness Planner for Heart of Texas Council of Governments

We the Geeks: Women Role Models

Tune in tomorrow at 1pm ET for a #WeTheGeeks Hangout on Women Role Models, where women leaders in #STEM will share their stories and advice to inspire the next generation of young women leaders → #WomenSucceed

We the Geek: Celebrating Black History Month

Today at 3pm ET, celebrate Black History Month by joining a #WeTheGeeks Hangout with some of the nation’s most prominent and promising African American inventors and innovators → #STEM 

African Americans are making amazing contributions in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). But we need to make sure that African American students today also see themselves as tomorrow’s discoverers, explorers, developers, and STEM innovators.

During today’s Hangout, leaders will share their inspiring personal stories and thoughts on how we can all help to ensure that America’s next generation of inventors, discoverers, and innovators fully reflects our nation’s diversity.

Got comments or questions? Ask with the hashtag #WeTheGeeks on Twitter and Google+ — and we’ll answer some of them during the Hangout. Tomorrow’s Hangout guests include:

Dr. Paula Hammond — David H. Koch Professor in Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dr. Hakeem Oluseyi — Assistant Professor in Physics/Space Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology
Mr. Calvin Phelps — jet engineer designer, Pratt & Whitney
Ms. Crystal Brockington — winner of Siemens’ “We Can Change the World Challenge”
Evan Jackson, Alec Jackson, and Caleb Robinson — kid inventors; winners of the Toshiba/National Science Teachers Association ExploraVision Competition; participants in the 2013 White House Science Fair

From Daycare to Diploma: A Conversation with Secretary Arne Duncan

This Wednesday, as part of White House “Big Block of Cheese Day”, we’re hosting a Google+ Hangout with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and the Teacher of the Year, Kathy Hollowell-Makle.

Partnering with Google’s Connected Classrooms, we will be inviting students across America to ask questions on a range of education topics including pre-K, #STEM and College Affordability. Submit a question below or with #AsktheWH

We the Geeks: “Polar Vortex” and Extreme Weather

Join us today at 2:00 p.m. ET for #WeTheGeeks: #PolarVortex  and Extreme #Weather , for a conversation with leading meteorologists, climate scientists, and weather experts about why temperatures dipped to such frigid lows this week, how weather experts turn raw data into useful forecasts, and what we know about extreme weather events in the context of a changing #climate . 

Cristin Dorgelo and resident polar-science expert Brendan Kelly from the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy will moderate the live discussion, to include:

-Stephanie Abrams, +TheWeatherChannel
-Dr. J. Marshall Shepherd, American Meteorological Society
-Jim Overland, Arctic researcher at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration
-Dan Utech, Director for Energy and Climate Change at the White House Domestic Policy Council

Ask questions right here, or on Twitter with #WeTheGeeks

We the Geeks: Future of Computing

Join us live for We the Geeks: Future of Computing, as we explore what possibilities the future of computing may bring — from wearables to Holodecks — and what’s needed to get there! 

You can watch the conversation live right here, or on the White House Google+ page. Got a question? Post it on Google+ or use #WeTheGeeks on Twitter.

Tom Kalil and Cristin Dorgelo from the White House Office of Science and Technology will discuss new computing advancements with:

Mark Papermaster, Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Micro Devices,
Alicia Gibb, Executive Director of the Open Source Hardware Association,
Alex Kipman of Microsoft Kinect, and
Palmer Luckey, founder of Oculus Rift

Calling All Young People: White House Youth Summit Preview

Calling All Young People: White House Youth Summit Preview

We the Geeks: The Science of Cooking

We the Geeks: The Science of Cooking